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What Homeowners Want To Know About Selling in Today’s Market

If you want to sell your house, you may have heard that the housing market is slowing down and wondered what that means for you. Even though it’s not as bad as it was at the height of the pandemic, it’s still a sellers’ market. That means you still have a chance.

“. . . while prospective home sellers may lament that they missed their prime window, in reality, this is still a terrific time to sell. In fact, according to a recent Realtor.com® home seller survey, 95% of sellers who sold their home in the past year got more than they paid for it.

Nonetheless, some of the more prominent pandemic trends have changed, so sellers might wish to adjust accordingly to get the best deal possible.”

Being realistic and working with a qualified real estate expert may help you set expectations based on the current market, not the past.

Experts suggest today’s vendors should consider these items.

Be Willing To Negotiate

At the peak of the pandemic fear, sellers had all the power because the number of homes for sale was at a record low and buyers were willing to go into bidding wars for the few homes that were still on the market. This year, there are more homes for sale than last year because the market has slowed down. Even though the overall number of items for sale is still low, buyers now have more options, which gives them more negotiating power.

As a seller, this means that more buyers may get an inspection, ask for repairs, or ask for help with closing costs today. You need to be ready for those kinds of talks. Ali Wolf, Zonda’s Chief Economist, says:

Price your home realistically. This isn’t the housing market of April or May, so buyer traffic will be substantially slower, but appropriately priced homes are still selling quickly.”

You don’t want your price to be too high and turn people away. At the same time, you don’t want to sell your home for less than it’s worth and lose money. This is another area where the knowledge of an agent is useful.

Think About Your First Impression on Buyers

Today’s higher mortgage rates provide buyers more alternatives and make them more selective. You must exhibit your house well.

To stand out in the market, sellers should make their home attractive to buyers, which usually means some selective updates.”

This could mean anything from putting the house in its best light to making small cosmetic changes, fixing things, or doing renovations. A reliable real estate agent can help you figure out what might be worth doing based on what other recently sold homes in your area have done.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, your house should still sell today and move quickly if you’re realistic about today’s market. As a press release from Zillow puts it:

. . . sellers need to do things right to attract the attention of these buyers — pricing their home competitively and making their listing attractive to online home shoppers.”

For expert advice on how to quickly sell your house in a shifting market, let’s connect.

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Top Questions About Selling Your Home This Winter

There’s no disputing that the property market is through a transition this season, which may leave you wondering if it’s still worthwhile to sell your home. Here are the answers to three of the most important questions you may have, so you can make an informed decision.

1. Should I Wait To Sell?

Even if the number of properties for sale has grown in 2022, the overall inventory remains low. This indicates that it is still a seller’s market. The graph below provides context for the inventory expansion. Using statistics from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the author illustrates how distant we are from a buyers’ market:

Despite the fact that buyers have recovered some negotiating power as inventory levels have increased, you still have time to sell. Your home might still stand out despite the limited inventory, particularly if you list now while most sellers wait until after the Christmas season and the new year.

2. Are Buyers Still Out There?

If you are considering selling your home but are concerned because you fear buyer demand has evaporated due to rising mortgage rates, you should realize that this is not the case for everyone. Despite a decrease in demand this year, millennials continue to seek housing. As explained in a Forbes article:

At about 80 million strong, millennials currently make up the largest share of homebuyers (43%) in the U.S., according to a recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) report. Simply due to their numbers and eagerness to become homeowners, this cohort is quite literally shaping the next frontier of the homebuying process. Once known as the ‘rent generation,’ millennials have proven to be savvy buyers who are quite nimble in their quest to own real estate. In fact, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say they are the key to the overall health and stability of the current housing industry.”

Although the millennial generation has been labeled the renter generation, this moniker may no longer be applicable. Millennials, the largest generation, are in fact a significant demand driver in the current housing market. There are still people looking for a property to purchase today, if you’re wondering if there are still buyers out there. And your home may be precisely what they are seeking.

3. Can I Afford To Buy My Next Home?

If current market conditions have you concerned about how you’ll finance your next move, you may have more equity in your present house than you know. Homeowners have amassed substantial equity over the previous several years, and this equity may make a substantial difference in the affordability equation, especially given that mortgage rates are currently higher than they were a year ago. According to First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming:

“. . . homeowners, in aggregate, have historically high levels of home equity. For some of those equity-rich homeowners, that means moving and taking on a higher mortgage rate isn’t a huge deal—especially if they are moving to a more affordable city.”

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking about selling your house this season, let’s connect so you have the expert insights you need to make the best possible move today.


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You Don’t Need 20 Percent Down to Buy Your Next Home. Here’s why.


A down payment is the amount of money that you contribute to the purchase of a house. A 20% down payment on a $200,000 property would be $40,000. Not a minor amount.

Contrary to what you may have heard, a 20% down payment on a home is not required. This is why.

The Myth of the 20% Down: Then and Now

Since the housing crisis over a decade ago, the myth of the 20 percent down payment requirement has circulated. Access to finance was restricted, particularly for purchasers with a median income. Even purchasers with sufficient income but lacked a substantial down payment faced the same obstacles. Thankfully, conditions have improved.

There have been low down payment choices for a very long time. In reality, statistics indicates that loans with a low down payment and excellent underwriting are equally successful as those with a substantial down payment.

Putting 20% down is not always a terrible idea, though. If you have funds in addition to investments in other assets, it may be the best option for you. It provides you 20 percent equity in your property and allows you to avoid private mortgage insurance fees.

Uninterested Buyers Observe Rising Housing Prices

Simultaneously, 20% savings are keeping many consumers on the sidelines. In addition, rising housing prices caused by increased demand make it increasingly difficult to save for a down payment. While attempting to do the right things, the goal posts continue to shift.

There are several strategies for buyers to increase their competitiveness in a tight market. One utilizes both a low-deposit loan and down payment aid. Thus, you can leverage and diversify your other investments so that all of your money is not invested in a single asset — your home.

What are your options available?

Hold off and save. Keep in mind that it is anticipated to take a homeowner at least 14 years to save for a 20% down payment. It will take more than fourteen years for your rent, housing prices, and interest rates to increase. And fourteen years later, you will have no equity in your house, destroying your and your children’s ability to develop wealth.

Find a program for homeownership. The majority of homeownership programs offer down payment and closing cost assistance, allowing you to finance a portion or all of your expenses. There are almost 2,300 homeownership programs in the United States, including grants, forgiven loans, first mortgages priced below the market, tax credits, and more.

The average benefit of all down payment assistance schemes exceeds $7,500. Both the house and the buyer must qualify for the program, so begin your study as soon as possible.

Use a low down payment mortgage. There are several options for buyers today. Keep in mind that you can layer down payment programs with these loans.

  • FHA loan: Popular with first-time homebuyers, it allows a 3.5% down payment minimum.
  • VA loan: If you are a veteran or member of the U.S. military, look into a VA loan which offers 0% down.
  • USDA loan: Eligible in rural and suburban areas, it offers 0% down.
  • Home Possible mortgage: Freddie Mac’s low down payment loan allows down payments of 3 to 5% and flexible sources of funds for down payments.
  • HomeReady mortgage: Fannie Mae’s new loan program that allows a 3% minimum down payment. It’s great for multigenerational households because it allows the income of everyone in the home to be used to qualify for the home loan.
  • Conventional loan with private mortgage insurance: Allows 3% down payment minimum. PMI will be required if you put down less than 20%. However, both upfront and ongoing PMI costs are lower with conventional financing than other options, and you can get rid of PMI once you’ve accrued over 20% equity in your home down the road.

There Is No “One Size Fits All”

Regarding house loans, there is no “one size fits all” option or best option for everyone. Your money and home-buying objectives are unique, just like you. Therefore, it is essential to get house finance before seeing your desired property.

Early investigation of your alternatives should include conversations with different lenders, a search for homeownership programs, and a discussion with your real estate agent.

Do you have a tale about a cheap down payment? We would appreciate hearing about your experience.

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Are you an expert in your field?  updates on first-time homebuyers and down payments for residential properties.

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Currently, home equity is a pillar of support for homeowners.


Fortunately for the housing market, experts think that a widespread foreclosure catastrophe like the one in 2008 is quite unlikely. The chief economist of First American, Mark Fleming, has this to say:

There won’t likely be a rise in foreclosures since lending criteria in this housing cycle have been significantly stricter and homeowners have historically high amounts of home equity.

The MBA’s statistics provide useful context for this discussion. There has been a dramatic decline in the percentage of homeowners who are at danger over time, as seen in the graph below.

It’s true that the number of people at danger of losing their homes to foreclosure is minimal, but a small fraction of homeowners still could be in that position right now. Being aware of what you can do to solve your own problems is important. Understanding the foreclosure process is the first step. According to Investopedia, it means:

When a borrower fails to make a certain amount of regular monthly payments, a default is often declared. To recoup losses on a defaulted debt, lenders can resort to foreclosure, which is the legal process of seizing and selling the mortgaged property.

The good news is that you may find alternatives to foreclosure to help you keep your home.

  • Reinstatement
  • Refinancing of Debt
  • Short sale
  • Reduction in price

However, before taking any of these measures, you should consider whether or not you have sufficient equity in your property to sell it and safeguard your investment.

It’s possible that you’ll sell your home with the money you’ve built up in equity.

Equity is the difference between the amount still owed on a mortgage and the current market worth of a house, taking into account things like price appreciation.

The recent uptick in property prices has left many Americans with a lot more equity in their homes than they would think. CoreLogic claims that

Average borrower equity is now above $300,000, a record high for this data set.

Is there any significance to this for you? It’s likely that the value of your property and your equity have increased significantly if you’ve been living there for a few years or longer. Also, the principal on your mortgage has been reduced thanks to your regular payments. You may be able to benefit from a rise in your home’s worth beyond the amount you still owe on your mortgage loan.

Market intelligence executive of ATTOM Data Rick Sharga highlights the benefits of equity:

Very few properties that have gone through foreclosure have been returned to the lender. We interpret this as a possible sign that homeowners are taking use of their equity to sell their homes before they are foreclosed upon.

Consult Professionals in Order to Determine Next Steps

Consult a real estate agent in your area to determine your equity. They will be able to offer you a ballpark figure for the potential selling price of your property by analyzing recent comparable transactions in your region. To prevent foreclosure, you might try selling your home.

Your agent can also advise you on what to do if it becomes clear that your first plan won’t work. In the event that selling isn’t your best option, they can put you in touch with housing counselors and other relevant specialists who can assess your situation and recommend next measures.

In conclusion
If you are a homeowner who is experiencing financial difficulties, you may want to seek the advice of a real estate agent to determine whether or not you can sell your property and so prevent foreclosure.

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3 Tips for Buying a Home Today


If you put off looking for a home at any point in the last two years, you might want to start looking again now that the market has changed. New information shows that the number of homes for sale is going up, giving buyers like you more choices.

But it’s important to remember that even though the number of homes for sale is getting better, it’s still a sellers’ market. And that means you need to be ready before you start looking for a home. Here are three tips that will help you buy the home of your dreams right now.

1. Be aware of how mortgage rates affect your ability to buy a home.
This year, mortgage rates have gone up a lot, and in the past few weeks, they have been changing a lot. When you’re thinking about buying a home, it’s important to know what’s going on with rates and how they affect your ability to buy things. Use the chart below.

Let’s say you can pay between $2,100 and $2,200 per month on your mortgage. On the chart, green means that the payment is in that range or less, and red means that it is more than that range.

As the chart shows, even a small change in mortgage rates can have a big effect on your monthly payments. If rates go up, you might go over budget if you don’t try to get a lower home loan amount. If rates go down, you may be able to buy more, which could give you more options in your search.

2. During your search, be willing to try out different things.
The number of homes for sale is getting better, which means you can choose from more homes. But the supply has been low in the past. That means that when you look for a home, if you don’t find one that fits your needs, you might want to look in more places.

A recent article in the Washington Post talks about some things buyers should think about now. It encourages you to be open to more things. For example, if you’ve already ruled out a place (like a certain town), it might be worth taking another look.

And if you can, expanding your search to include other types of housing, like newly built homes, condos, or townhomes, can give you even more options. Even though there are more homes on the market today, you might find a hidden gem if you search in different ways.

3. Work with a real estate agent in your area for expert advice.
In the end, when you set out to buy a home, you need to be ready. Jeff Ostrowski, who works for Bankrate as a Senior Mortgage Reporter, explains:

“Buying a home can give you a sense of pride and improve your long-term finances if you do it well-prepared and with your eyes open.”

No matter where you are in the process of becoming a homeowner, working with a real estate professional is the best way to make sure you’re set up for success. If you are just starting your search, a real estate agent can help you learn about the market in your area and look for homes that are for sale. And when it’s time to make an offer, they’ll be an expert advisor and negotiator who will help yours stand out from the rest.

Bottom Line
Finding the home of your dreams may come down to how well you plan your search, how wide you cast your net, and how well you put together a team of experts. Partner with a local real estate advisor to make sure you get expert advice at every step.

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Homeownership Wins Over Time [INFOGRAPHIC]


Some Highlights

  • If you’re questioning whether or not to buy a home this year due to today’s cooling market, consider the long-term financial benefits of homeownership.
  • As a homeowner, equity increases your wealth. On average, nationwide, home prices appreciated by 290.2% since 1991.
  • Homeownership wins in the long run. If you’re ready to buy a home, reach out to a local real estate professional today.
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What’s Ahead for Home Prices?



As the housing market slows down because mortgage rates are going up so quickly, home prices are also slowing down. And if you read the news, you’ve probably seen a wide range of opinions calling for everything from home prices to go down to home prices to keep going up. What’s the truth? What’s the most likely thing to happen next?

Even though people have different ideas, the most likely outcome is that we’ll end up somewhere between a slight rise and a slight fall. Here are the most up-to-date predictions from experts to give you the best information possible right now.

What the experts have to say about next year’s home prices

The graph below shows the most recent predictions made by five experts in the housing market. These are the experts whose predictions have been most recently updated based on current market trends:

The graph illustrates that experts expect home prices to continue rising, albeit more slowly than in recent years. The graph’s red bars show experts predicting house price declines.

Taking the average (shown in green) of all five estimates, national house price appreciation will likely be flat next year.

What’s the point?
Experts don’t agree on what will happen in 2023. In some markets, home prices will probably go down a little, while in others, they will continue to rise. It all depends on how hot your local market has been in recent years, how many homes are on the market now, how much demand there is, and more.

The good news is that home prices are expected to rise at more normal rates very soon. Wells Fargo’s most recent forecast shows that they think prices will go down in 2023, but they think prices will go up and be net positive in 2024. This prediction says that the value of the currency will go up by 3.1% in 2024, which is much closer to the long-term average of 4% annual appreciation.

And the Home Price Expectation Survey (HPES) from Pulsenomics, which is a poll of more than 100 industry experts, predicts that home prices will continue to rise by about 2.6% to 4% from 2024 to 2026. This shows that even if prices go down a little next year, this isn’t likely to be a long-term trend.

Jason Lewris, Parcl’s co-founder and chief data officer, says:

“In the absence of reliable, up-to-date information, fear, uncertainty, and doubt are driving more and more real estate decisions.”

Don’t let fear or doubt stop you from doing what you want to do. If you don’t know where prices are going or how to make sense of what’s happening in today’s housing market, talk to a local real estate agent. They can help you every step of the way.

Bottom Line
The housing market is changing, and right now it’s hard to know what’s going on. The best way to deal with this change is to get help from a trusted real estate professional who can help you make decisions about what’s happening in your market that you can feel good about.


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Do You Believe Homeownership Is Out of Reach? Maybe It Doesn’t Have To Be.


According to recent data, millennials are not a generation predisposed to living in rental housing. According to Mynd’s 2022 Consumer Insights Report, a subset of millennial and Gen Z buyers are interested in using homeownership to generate wealth, albeit they may not do so in the same ways as prior generations. The research details their entry strategy as follows:

Younger Americans aren’t as enthusiastic about the American Dream as their parents and grandparents were. More and more first-time homebuyers in the United States are putting their money into investment properties.

Some young homebuyers, rather than occupying the property themselves, are opting to rent it out. In some cases, this strategy

Why Younger Buyers Are Buying a Home To Use as a Rental

This tactic enables purchasers to stay put in their current area, be it a crowded city apartment or a beloved but out of reach neighborhood. Instead of giving up on the dream of house ownership altogether, they look for more inexpensive housing options and purchase properties to rent out.

You might say that they’re enjoying the best of both worlds. They buy a house in an area where they can afford to reside, and they do so at the location of their choice.

The plan is to build a source of passive income and spread their investments around. Simply put, they will be able to increase their wealth through the combination of a steady rental income and the appreciation of their home’s value.

Last but not least
Connect with a real estate agent to learn more about your alternatives and the neighborhoods that could have properties that meet what you’re looking for if you’re considering purchasing a property as an investment plan to increase your wealth.



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Sell Your House Before the Holidays


As you look forward to the colder time of year season, you are probably making arrangements and contemplating what you need to accomplish before the year closes. One of those key choice focuses could be whether you need to move this year. If the area or size of your ongoing home no longer addresses your issues, finding a house that better suits your way of life might be a first concern for you. Yet, with the present cooling real estate market, is it actually a great opportunity to sell your home, or would it be a good idea for you to stand by?

Assuming you are prepared to go with your choice, the following are three reasons you might need to think about selling before special times of year.

  1. Get One Step Ahead of Other Sellers

Ordinarily, in the private housing market, mortgage holders are less inclined to list their homes around the year’s end. That is on the grounds that individuals get going around special times of year and deprioritize selling their home until the beginning of the new year when their timetables and social schedules quiet down.

Selling now, while different property holders might hold off until after special times of year, can assist your home with sticking out. Begin the interaction with a realtor today so you can get your home available and stretch out beyond your opposition.

2. Get in Front of Serious Buyers This Season

Even though lodging supply has expanded for this present year as purchaser request has directed, it’s actually low generally speaking. That implies there aren’t an adequate number of homes available today, particularly as the millennial age arrives at their pinnacle homebuying years. As Imprint Fleming, Boss Financial specialist at First American, says:

“While not the craze of 2021, the biggest residing age, the Recent college grads, will keep on maturing into their excellent home-purchasing years, making a segment tailwind for the real estate market.”

Serious purchasers will in any case be looking this colder time of year and your home might be precisely exact thing they’re looking for. If you work with a specialist to list your home presently, you will have the option to get before the excited purchasers who are expecting to take action before the year closes.

3. Seize a Great Chance To Move Up

Remember, the present property holders have record measures of value. As indicated by CoreLogic, the typical measure of value per contract holder has move to nearly $300,000. That is an untouched high. That implies the value you have in your home right presently could cover some, while perhaps not all, of an initial installment on the home of your fantasies.

Furthermore, as you gauge the motivations to sell before winter, don’t neglect to focus on why you’re contemplating moving in any case. Perhaps now is the ideal time to purchase a house that is in a superior area for you, has the space you and your friends and family have been needing, or basically provides you with that feeling of home. A believed land counsel can assist you with deciding the amount of home value you possess and how you can utilize it to accomplish your objective of taking action.

   Bottom Line

If you’re thinking about selling your house so you can find a home that better suits your needs, don’t delay your plans. Work with a local real estate professional to accomplish your goals before winter.

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Applying for a Mortgage Doesn’t Have To Be Scary [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

  • Even with higher mortgage rates, the mortgage process doesn’t need to be something you fear. Here are some steps to help as you set out to buy a home.
  • Know your credit score and work to build strong credit. When you’re ready, lean on the pros and connect with a lender so you can get pre-approved and begin your home search.
  • Any major life change can be scary, and buying a home is no different. Partner with a trusted real estate professional to take fear out of the equation.
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Taking the Fear out of Saving for a Home


Knowing what to budget for and how to save while buying a home might be intimidating at first. But it does not have to be that way. Understanding some of the charges you may face is one approach to remove the dread of budgeting. And to do so, resort to reputable real estate agents. They can assist you with budgeting and planning your finances.

Here are a few expenditures that experts estimate you might expect.

1.Down Payment

Saving for a down payment is most certainly at the top of your priority list when you look to purchase a property. But do you know how much money you will need to set aside? While every scenario is different, it is a frequent fallacy that putting down 20% is essential. A Mortgage Reports article explains why this is not usually the case:

“The notion that you must put down 20% on a property is a misconception… The appropriate amount is determined by your present funds and your home-buying objectives.”

To further understand your alternatives, work with a reputable real estate expert to go over the various loan types, down payment helps programs, and the requirements for each.

  1. Closing Costs

Budget for closing costs as well, which are a collection of fees and payments given to the many parties involved in your transaction. According to Bankrate:

“Closing expenses are the fees you pay when you complete a real estate transaction, whether you’re refinancing your mortgage or purchasing a new property.” These charges can amount to 2 to 5% of the mortgage, therefore it’s critical to be financially prepared for them.”

Working with a reputable lender is the best approach to determine what you’ll require at the closing table. They will be able to address any inquiries you may have.

3. Earnest Money Deposit

If you need to cowl all of your bases, you may additionally take into account saving for an earnest cash deposit (EMD). An EMD is cash you pay as a display of appropriate religion whilst you make a suggestion on a house. According to realtor.com, it`s normally among 1% and 2% of the overall domestic price. This deposit works like a credit. It`s now no longer an brought expense – it`s paying a part of your fees upfront. You`re the usage of a few the cash you already stored in your buy to reveal the vendor you`re devoted and extreme approximately their house. Realtor.com describes the way it works as a part of your sale: “It tells the actual property vendor you`re in earnest as a buyer, Assuming that each one is going properly and the buyer`s appropriate-religion provide is universal with the aid of using the vendor, the earnest cash budget pass closer to the down fee and last fees. In effect, earnest cash is simply paying greater of the down fee and last fees upfront.” Keep in mind, an EMD isn`t required, and it doesn`t assure you provide can be universal. It`s critical to paintings with a actual property marketing consultant to recognize what`s quality in your scenario and any precise necessities for your area. They`ll assist you decide what movements you have to make with inside the homebuying system to have the finest success.


Bottom Line

Budgeting for a house purchase does not have to be intimidating. Work with a local real estate advisor to ensure you have an expert on your side to answer any questions you may have along the road.

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3 Questions You May Be Asking About Selling Your House Today [INFOGRAPHIC]


If you’re planning to sell your home this year, you likely have questions about the housing market. Should I wait to sell? Are buyers still out there? Can I afford to buy my next home? Connect with a trusted real estate professional to get answers to these questions and more.

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The Latest on Supply and Demand in Housing

Over the past two years, the substantial imbalance of low housing supply and high buyer demand pushed home sales and buyer competition to new heights. But this year, things are shifting as supply and demand reach an inflection point.

The graph below helps tell the story of just how different things are today.


This year, buyer demand has eased as higher mortgage rates and mounting economic uncertainty moderated the market. This slowdown in demand is clear when you look at the red bar on the graph. It uses the latest data from ShowingTime to illustrate how showings (an indicator of buyer demand) have softened by just over 12% compared to the same time last year.

Now for a look at how housing supply has changed, turn to the green bar. It uses data from realtor.com to show active listings are up nearly 27% compared to last year. That’s because the moderation of demand allowed housing inventory to increase in 2022.

What Does This Inflection Point Mean for Buyers?

If you’re thinking of buying a home, you’ll have less competition and more options than you would have had last year. Enjoy having more homes to choose from in your home search and lean on a trusted real estate professional to understand how the increase in supply has also increased your negotiation power. That professional can talk you through the opportunities and challenges buyers face in today’s shifting market. You may be surprised to find they’re different than they were a year ago.

What Does This Inflection Point Mean for Sellers?

If you’re looking to sell your house, know that inventory is still low overall. That means, if you work with an agent to price your house based on current market value, it will still sell despite the inventory gains and moderating buyer demand this year. That’s because there are still buyers out there who want to move, and your house may be exactly what they’re looking for.

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, the best place to turn to for information on today’s supply and demand is a trusted real estate professional. They’ll be able to explain what’s happening in your local market and what that means for you.

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The Long-Term Benefit of Homeownership


Today`s cooling housing market, the upward thrust in loan rates, and mounting monetary worries have a few human beings questioning: need to I nonetheless purchase a domestic this yr? While it`s authentic this yr has precise demanding situations for homebuyers, it`s vital to component the long-time period blessings of homeownership into your decision.

Consider this: in case you recognize folks that offered a domestic 5, 10, or maybe 30 years ago, you`re likely going to have a tough time locating a person who regrets their decision. Why is that? The motive is tied to the way you benefit fairness and wealth as domestic values develop with time.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) explains:

“Home fairness profits are constructed up via rate appreciation and through paying off the loan via primary payments.”

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to upload over the years with our house appreciation.

Home Price Growth Over Time

Despite the fact that home cost appreciation has directed for this present year, domestic values have nonetheless elevated substantially in current years. The map underneath makes use of statistics from the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) to reveal simply how noteworthy the ones profits had been during the last 5 years.


If you examine the percentage alternate in domestic costs, you could see domestic costs grew on common with the aid of using nearly 64% national over that period.

That method a domestic`s fee can growth significantly in a quick time. And in case you enlarge that point body even more, the gain of homeownership and the drastic profits you stand to make end up even clearer (see map below):


The 2d map suggests, national, domestic expenses preferred through a mean of over 290% over kind of a thirty-12 months span.

While domestic fee increase varies through nation and nearby area, the national common tells you the everyday property owner who sold a residence thirty years in the past noticed their domestic nearly triple in price over that time. This is why house owners who sold their houses years in the past are nonetheless satisfied with their decision.

Even if domestic fee appreciation eases because the marketplace cools this 12 month, professionals say domestic expenses are nonetheless predicted to understand nationally in 2023. That means, in maximum markets, your own home needs to develop in price over the subsequent 12 months even supposing the tempo is slower than it turned into for the duration of the height marketplace frenzy while expenses skyrocketed.

The opportunity to shopping for a domestic is renting, and apartment expenses had been mountaineering for decades. So why hire and combat annual rent hikes for no long-time period economic benefit? Instead, don’t forget shopping for a domestic. It`s a funding to your destiny that might set you up for long-time period gains.

Bottom Line

Don`t allow the moving marketplace put off your dreams. Data suggests domestic values commonly admire over time, and that offers your internet really well worth a pleasing boost. If you`re geared up to begin your adventure to homeownership, attain out to a actual property expert today.

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Saving for a Down Payment? Here’s What You Should Know.


Saving for a down payment is probably on your mind when you start the process of purchasing a property. You could, however, still have concerns regarding the procedure, such as how much to save and where to begin.

Your down payment could be more affordable than you initially imagined if it describes you. Why? Read on.


The 20% Down Payment Myth If you trust you need to positioned 20% down on a home, you could have primarily based totally your intention on a not unusual place false impression. Freddie Mac explains:

“. . . almost a 3rd of potential homebuyers suppose they want a down fee of 20% or greater to shop for a home. This fantasy stays one in all the most important perceived limitations to reaching homeownership.”

Unless it`s exact through your mortgage kind or lender, it`s commonly now no longer required to position 20% down. According to the state-of-the-art Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the median down fee hasn`t been over 20% on the grounds that 2005. There are even mortgage types, like FHA loans, with down bills as little as 3.5%, in addition to alternatives like VA loans and USDA loans without a down fee necessities for certified applicants.

This is ideal information for you as it method you may be towards your homebuying dream than you realize. For greater information, flip to a relied-on lender.

Down Payment Assistance Programs Can Be a Game Changer

A expert can be capping a position to expose your different alternatives that would assist you get towards your down fee intention. According to state-of-the-art Homeownership Program Index from downpaymentresource.com, there are over 2,000 homebuyers help applications withinside the U.S., and the bulk are supposed to assist with down bills.

A latest article explains why applications like those are helpful:


“These sources can right away construct your own home shopping for energy and assist you are taking movement earlier than your idea possible.”

And if you`re thinking when you have to be a first-time purchaser to qualify for those applications, that`s now no longer constantly the case. According to an editorial from downpaymentresource.com:

“It is a not unusual place false impression that homebuyer help is handiest to be had to first-time homebuyers, however, 38% of homebuyer help applications in Q1 2022 did now no longer have a first-time homebuyer requirement.”


There also are region and profession-primarily based totally applications you may qualify for as well.

Bottom Line

Saving in your down fee is a crucial first step to your homebuying journey. Connect with a nearby actual property marketing consultant and relied on lender nowadays to start exploring your alternatives.

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Two Questions Every Homebuyer Should Ask Now



Rising hobby charges have began to sluggish an overheated housing marketplace as month-to-month loan bills have risen dramatically considering that the start of the year. This is leaving a few those who need to buy a domestic priced out of the marketplace and others questioning if now’s the time to shop for one. But this upward thrust in borrowing value indicates no symptoms and symptoms of letting up soon.

 Economic uncertainty and the volatility of the economic markets are inflicting loan charges to upward thrust. George Ratiu, Senior Economist and Manager of Economic Research at realtor.com, says this:

 “While even  months in the past charges above 7% can also additionally have appeared unthinkable, on the modern-day pace, we are able to anticipate charges to surpass that degree withinside the subsequent 3 months.”

 So, is now the proper time to shop for a domestic? Anyone considering shopping for a domestic nowadays must ask themselves  questions:

  1. Where Do I Think Home Prices Are Heading?

 There are  locations to show to reply this question. First is the consensus of what professionals are saying. If you examine what professionals are projecting for domestic fees in 2023, they`re forecasting domestic charge appreciation round 2%. While it`s genuine a few are calling for depreciation, maximum are calling for appreciation in domestic values over the following year.


 The 2d spot to show to for statistics is the Home Price Expectation Survey from Pulsenomics – a survey of a countrywide panel of over a hundred economists, actual property professionals, and funding and marketplace strategists. According to the ultra-modern release, the professionals surveyed also are calling for domestic charge appreciation for the following numerous years (see graph below):


  1. Where Do I Think Interest Rates Will Go?


As previously said, Ratiu expects mortgage rates to rise in the coming months. Another expert concurs. “While mortgage rates are forecast to creep upward over the next months,” says Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American, “most of the quick spike in rates is likely behind us.”

This unpredictable market is being driven by global instability and increasing inflation, resulting in higher borrowing rates for people trying to buy a property.

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The Cost of Waiting for Mortgage Rates To Go Down


Mortgage rates have risen significantly in recent weeks. And if you’re looking to purchase a home, you may be wondering what this implies for you. Here’s some information to help you make an informed decision when it comes to buying a property.

The Effects of Rising Mortgage Interest Rates

Mortgage rates rise, which reduces your purchasing power by increasing the cost of acquiring a property and restricting how much you can reasonably afford. This is how it works.

Assume you wish to buy a $400,000 home (the median home price in the United States, according to the National Association of Realtors, is $389,500). If you want to purchase at that price range while keeping your monthly payment at $2,500-2,600 or less, here’s how.


If the chart indicates, as interest rates rise, the amount you can borrow lowers, which may force you to look at properties in a new price range. That is why it is critical to consult with a real estate professional to understand how mortgage rates affect your monthly mortgage payment at various loan amounts.

Will Mortgage Interest Rates Fall?

Mortgage rate increases and the associated decline in purchasing power may have you thinking if you should wait for rates to fall before completing your purchase. According to Realtor.com, the following is where prices may go from here:

“Many homebuyers are expected to cringe… after learning that the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point yet again.”



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How an Expert Can Help You Understand Inflation & Mortgage Rates


If you’re following today’s housing market, you know two of the top issues consumers face are inflation and mortgage rates. Let’s take a look at each one.

Inflation and the Housing Market

This year, inflation reached a high not seen in forty years. For the average consumer, you probably felt the pinch at the gas pump and in the grocery store. It may have even impacted your ability to save money to buy a home.

While the Federal Reserve is working hard to lower inflation, the August data shows the inflation rate was still higher than expected. This news impacted the stock market and fueled conversations about a recession. It also played a role in the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise the Federal Funds Rate last week. As Bankrate says:

“. . . the Fed has raised rates again, announcing yet another three-quarter-point hike on September 21 . . . The hikes are designed to cool an economy that has been on fire. . .”

While their actions don’t directly dictate what happens with mortgage rates, their decisions have contributed to the intentional cooldown in the housing market. A recent article from Fortune explains:

“As the Federal Reserve moved into inflation-fighting mode, financial markets quickly put upward pressure on mortgage rates. Those elevated mortgage rates . . . coupled with sky-high home prices, threw cold water onto the housing boom.”

The Impact on Rising Mortgage Rates

Over the past few months, mortgage rates have fluctuated in light of growing economic pressures. Most recently, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate according to Freddie Mac ticked above 6% for the first time in well over a decade (see graph below):

Basically, as rates (and home prices) rose, so did the cost of buying a home. That pushed on affordability and priced some buyers out of the market, so home sales slowed and the inventory of homes for sale grew as a result.

Where Experts Say Rates and Inflation Will Go from Here

Moving forward, both of these factors will continue to impact the housing market. A recent article from CNET puts the relationship between inflation and mortgage rates in simple terms:

“As a general rule, when inflation is low, mortgage rates tend to be lower. When inflation is high, rates tend to be higher.”

Sam Khater, Chief Economist at Freddie Mac, has this to say about where rates may go from here:

“Mortgage rates remained volatile due to the tug of war between inflationary pressures and a clear slowdown in economic growth. The high uncertainty surrounding inflation and other factors will likely cause rates to remain variable, . . .”

While there’s no way to say with certainty where mortgage rates will go from here, there is something you can do to stay informed, and that’s connect with a trusted real estate advisor. They keep their pulse on what’s happening today and help you understand what the experts are projecting. They can provide you with the best advice possible.

Bottom Line

Rising inflation and higher mortgage rates have had a clear impact on housing. For expert insights on the latest trends in the housing market and what they mean for you, lean on a trusted real estate professional.


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What Experts Say Will Happen with Home Prices Next Year


Experts are starting to make their 2023 home price forecasts. As they do, most agree homes will continue to gain value, just at a slower pace. Over the past couple of years, home prices have risen at an unsustainable rate, leaving many to wonder how long it would last. If you’re asking yourself: what’s ahead for the price of my home, know that experts are now answering this question, and its welcome news for homeowners who may have been led by the media to believe their home would lose value.

Historically, home prices have appreciated at a rate near 4%. For 2023, the average of six major forecasters noted below is 2.5%. While one, Zelman & Associates, is calling for depreciation, the other five are calling for appreciation. The graph below outlines each expert forecast to show where they project home prices are going in the coming year.

To understand why experts are calling for appreciation next year, look to the economics of supply and demand. Dave Ramsey, Financial Expert, says this:

“The root issue of what drives house prices almost always is supply and demand . . .”   

Two things are driving home prices upward. First, the undersupply of homes on the market is an issue we continue to face in this country. We still don’t have enough homes on the market for the number of people that want to buy them. To further that point, we’re still in a sellers’ market nationally, and in that scenario, home prices tend to appreciate.

Second, millennials are moving through their peak homebuying years. Since they’re the largest demographic behind the baby boomers, demand isn’t going away any time soon.

Bottom Line

Experts are calling for home prices to appreciate next year, although at a slower pace than the previous three years. The reason for this is simple. The dynamics of supply and demand are playing out in real estate and will continue for many years to come.


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Getting Your House Ready To Sell? Work with an Agent for Expert Advice

In a marketplace that`s moving as rapid as it’s far today, many house owners marvel what, if anything, wishes to be renovated earlier than they promote their house. That`s wherein a relied on actual property expert comes in. They assist you to assume thru today`s marketplace situations and the way they effect what you ought to – and shouldn`t – do earlier than promoting your own home.

Here are a few issues a expert will manual you thru.

What You Need To Know About Your Local Market
Since the deliver of houses on the market has multiplied a lot this year, today`s shoppers have greater alternatives than that they’d ultimate year. That may also imply you`re now no longer capable of forget about a number of the ones upkeep or beauty updates you may have skipped in preceding months. As a current article from realtor.com says:

“To stand out within side the marketplace, dealers ought to make their domestic appealing to shoppers, which normally manner a few selective updates.”

The key phrase right here is selective. Since it`s nonetheless a dealers` marketplace, specializing in some key regions can be sufficient to make your own home stick out from different alternatives. And in view that stock continues to be low overall, it`s additionally viable shoppers can be inclined to address the renovations themselves when they pass in. It all relies upon on consumer call for and the to be had stock to your neighborhood area. For recommendation on what`s going on to your marketplace and what to do to make your own home display well, lean on a expert.

Not All Renovation Projects Are Equal
In addition to ensuring your own home makes an amazing first impression, you`ll additionally need to keep in mind the go back in your investment (ROI) for any renovations. According to the 2022 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), right here are the initiatives that would internet you the exceptional go back whilst you promote your own home (see visible below):


Again, real estate guides are an excellent resource. When agents include your home for a tour and consultation, they use their knowledge to give you an idea of ​​what you’re looking to repair, replace, or refinish. You can see what you’re doing before listing your home and how buyers are reacting to improvements and pointing you in the right direction. Jessica Lutz explains:

“This year the winner switched to hardwood floors. Refinishing hardwood floors and installing new wood floors had the greatest diffusion value. . .”

This allows you to draw the buyer’s attention to the upgrades you’ve made.
Check with a real estate professional for projects you’ve already completed or are planning ahead of your list. Now these aren’t just guides to help you decide where to find initiatives, they’re also pros highlighting improvements to the list. IN this way, capacity buyers can help promote themselves internally. Skills are roughly recognized.

Either way, contact real estate professionals in your area for professional recommendations on which paintings to complete and make as attractive as possible to potential buyers. . Each country is different, so verbal communication with your agent is essential to make sure you’re doing the right thing during courtships this season.


In today’s transfer market, it’s important to spend your money and time wisely when making transfers. Work with your real estate guide to find out where to direct your efforts