Uncategorized August 8, 2023

Sellers: Don’t Let These Two Things Hold You Back

Numerous homeowners contemplating the sale of their properties confront two significant hurdles impeding their decisions. Firstly, they sense a certain constraint due to the prevailing elevated mortgage rates. Secondly, concerns arise about the feasibility of discovering suitable replacement homes amidst the backdrop of a restricted supply. In the subsequent discussion, we will delve into each of these challenges, providing valuable guidance on how to effectively navigate and conquer these impediments.

Obstacle #1: Hesitation Stemming from Higher Mortgage Rates

Data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) reveals that the mean interest rate for homeowners presently possessing mortgages remains below the 4% mark (refer to the accompanying graph). This insight underlines the need to reframe the perspective around the impact of mortgage rates, thereby facilitating a more informed approach to decision-making.


However, in the current landscape, the typical 30-year fixed mortgage rate extended to potential buyers hovers around 7%, a considerable increase. Consequently, a substantial number of homeowners are opting to remain in their current homes rather than relocate to a new property with the added burden of higher borrowing costs. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the mortgage rate lock-in effect.

Guidance: Rethinking the Waiting Game

While experts forecast a gradual decline in mortgage rates throughout the year due to cooling inflation, it’s imperative not to hinge your decisions solely on this prediction. Mortgage rate fluctuations are notoriously unpredictable. Furthermore, housing prices are currently resurging. By making a move now, you can proactively avoid the impact of rising home prices when purchasing your next property. Moreover, if experts’ projections hold true and rates do decrease, you always have the option to refinance in the future.

Obstacle #2: Apprehensions About the Scarcity of Choices

Given the reluctance of numerous homeowners to commit to higher mortgage rates, the resulting decrease in available homes for sale becomes evident. This scarcity in housing inventory has a direct effect on the market. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), elucidates:

“In the coming months and even for the next couple of years, inventory will remain constrained. Some homeowners are hesitant to transition to different properties, either moving up or down the ladder, after securing historically-low mortgage rates in recent times.”

While this housing shortage does make your property more appealing to enthusiastic buyers, it might simultaneously breed apprehension in you, as you contemplate selling without the assurance of finding a suitable replacement.

Guidance: Broadening Your Horizons

If the fear of not locating your next residence is your principal concern, it’s essential to adopt a comprehensive perspective. Exploring various housing types, including condos, townhouses, and newly constructed homes, can considerably expand your choices. Additionally, if your work situation allows for full remote or hybrid arrangements, you might contemplate areas that were previously unexplored. Shifting your search farther from your workplace could open doors to more affordable alternatives.

In Conclusion

Rather than fixating on the challenges, channel your attention toward the aspects within your control. Engage a local real estate agent to benefit from their expertise in navigating these intricacies and assisting you in discovering the ideal home.